Our partners

WSD Network,
a group of contributors involved in the advancement of our market info software, WSD and more precisely our cash price database

WSD NETWORK is a network of worldwide contributors composed of market operators, brokers and analysts allowing you to access a reliable, diversified and progressive market information base through the WSD platform.
All these contributors provide physical prices through the solution.

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a trusted partner for reporting and data visualization

For almost 20 years, REPORT ONE has been supporting small and medium companies with its historical product MyReport Essential. Since it was launched, this solution has been improved many times to provide a more efficient and pleasant user experience. Improvements that you have observed as users of our WPRIOP and PROJECTION solutions.
Today, we are proud to announce that after more than 8 years of collaboration, our partnership with Report One changes and turns us into a BRONZE partner.
We are currently very invested in the deployment of the new Myreport Business Evolution version.


GRAINBOW is Microsoft certified. The certification has been approved by some of our members in order to provide the required expertise and knowledge. GRAINBOW is an official distributor of various Microsoft licenses, including :
  • Microsoft 365
  • Office 365
  • Windows OS Server
  • Windows OS
  • Microsoft SQL Server