Our specific development


GRAINBOW, design and develop bespoke applications

We design and develop bespoke applications that meet your specific business’s requirements

Depending on your specific concerns, requirements, and constraints, we can develop web-based applications (intranet, extranet, mobile websites), websites, software, and mobile applications. With our wide range of business management applications, you can benefit from our expertise and our experience.


« Our in-depth understanding of commodities markets, our business and technological expertise, as well as our agile development methods allow us to efficiently analyse your requirements and provide solutions that perfectly meet your needs. »

Ronan Barranger, R&D Director



Our development methods for producing bespoke applications

Two methods, two specific solutions to your requirements:

The AGILE methodology

With several stages:
  • Agreement on a budget by the client
  • Setting up of a backlog made of user stories
  • Prioritisation of developments and regular deliveries
The traditionnal methodology

With several stages:
  • Approval of a quote based on precise specifications
  • Delivery at the end of the development

This more traditional method works by approving a quote with defined specifications and delivery dates. Your project is delivered in full at the end of the development phase, which is estimated at the outset.


How we apply the Agile methodology
in our daily development

Since 2012, our group has been using the AGILE Methodology for its developments, which is an organization of work in short cycles. It allows the integration of developers in the primary stages of projects..



A team expert in web technologies: Asp.net MVC, Angular JS, Wep api and React


A team specialized in “heavy client” technologies and server development: Wpf, xaml, window form, c++.


A Research & Development team to enable us to be constantly innovative and at the forefront of the latest technologies.


The AGILE method allows development teams to manage a project in a flexible way and to be able to adapt to unexpected events. The feedback is fast on the code produced and this allows them to deliver solutions that meet the expectations of customers.

Our solutions are all developed following this organization, which allows us to involve our customers in the development process. This method ensures us a greater reactivity to our customers’ requests and thus an increased satisfaction.