Company Management Solutions

Take advantage of software with very broad functionalITIES

Grainbow guides all the actors of the agricultural distribution, industrials and trading companies with a range of management tools. The goal of this range is to optimize your commercial activities from the inside.


Our vertical business management solutions allow you to save time, automate your daily tasks, and access a wide range of functional specificities.

We deal with : :
  • Grain purchases/sales (monitoring of hedging and arbitrage operations)
  • Management of inputs/plant protection products, fertilizers, seeds, ….
  • Agricultural shops (for professionals and non-professionals)

As our businesses are subject to regulatory constraints, our solutions include many business specificities.

For example, our ERP system is resolutely central to the company. With its specific functions, this so-called “vertical” ERP covers all of the company’s business processes. Rather than having many “generic” functionalities, it is deployed with a high degree of vertical customization.

Today, two innovative and ergonomic solutions are part of this range of market solutions

The others solutions of the Management range

The products in our Management range allow you to :

Save time on all your actions

Control your business activities

Facilitate your processes through automation of your daily tasks

Respond to the most demanding functional needs

Our others solutions

Follow commodities markets evolutions and act on it

Our market Solutions

Digitalize all your processes with our intuitive and user-friendly web/mobile solutions