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A reliable and efficient network of European contributors

With the increasing phenomenon of social networks, information sharing has become essential. This is why we wanted to optimize our market information strategy and develop the European positioning of our WSD Master product by launching the WSD NETWORK.
WSD NETWORK is a network of worldwide contributors composed of market operators, brokers and analysts that allows you to access a reliable, diversified and flexible market information base through the WSD platform.
All these contributors provide physical prices through the solution..

28 contributors are now part of the WSD Network 


Agribrokers International is one of the most active brokerage companies in the grain and oilseed markets.
Their main mission is to accompany, assist and guide shippers, traders and industries in order to help them in the best possible way in their raw material purchasing process (milling/fodder wheat, barley, corn, soybeans, rapeseed, sunflower seed and flour).


Argencat Brokers is a brokerage company focused on cereals, oilseeds, and animal feed.

The company is active on the national and international market, but mainly trades between Spain and France. The main products concerned are: corn, oats, soft wheat, wheat, rapeseed, soya, …

In general, Argencat’s customers are millers, maltsters, national and international traders, operators …


Since 1986, Aquitaine Courtage has been providing support to its industrial clients, storage organizations and traders in their interventions on the grain and oilseed market in the southwest of France and the French Bay.

Close to the physical reality from the field to the complete execution of our contracts, our market analysis is well known by the whole sector.

Cottry & CO

Cottry & Co is a family business founded in 1949 and specializes in the brokerage of grain and grain products.

 They are also active in consulting and information on market developments and agricultural commodities. Their priority is to facilitate the buying and selling of their partners/clients, whether they are industrialists, collectors, traders, millers or others.

Cevennes courtage

CEVENNES Courtage is specialized in the brokerage of oilseed products and its derivatives. Thanks to its experience, it has been able to develop the animal feed sector and recently the milling sector.


Gaudens Trading is a Belgian company directed for more than 20 years by Filip Gaudens.

Gaudens is committed to supplying companies in the food industry with top quality products. 


Founded in 1983, Granopar is one of the first grain brokerage companies in the Paraná region in Brazil. Its head office is in Curitiba. The company started its activities with the aim of offering a reliable and quality service outside of Sao Paolo, where most of the players were concentrated until then.

An experienced team of brokers works in the agricultural commodities markets, the company handles intermediation between its clients and also trades on the BM&F (Sao Paolo’s stock exchange) and other futures markets.


Leone Group is an Italian company operating in the cereal market, the animal feed industry and the consumer market. Over the years, Leone Group has become a professional and reliable company on the national and international territory.

The company is part of a group of 4 companies all involved in the food industry such as retail and fresh food industry.


Hashtagri is a company specialized in the analysis of agricultural commodities markets. His field of expertise extends from fundamental to technical analysis, with the constant desire to provide its clients with synthetic, dynamic, and evolving market information.

Hashtagri became in May 2015 a contributor to WSD Master in terms of information flow, analysis and quotations.  


Malouine de Courtage, founded in 1999 in the heart of the French agri-food basin, aims to develop a brokerage activity with the actors of the French cereal and agri-food industry. 

Today, the firm’s activity is based on 3 major axes: market analysis, commercial activity and expertise.


  1. Ohler operates in the grain market and acts as an intermediary between different companies. Based in Poland, Z. Ohler has a strong international presence and works with mills and distilleries.

    Ohler provides daily price quotations and negotiates the best solutions to provide their customers with information on prices and trends in supply and demand. Z . Ohler is a member of the Grain & Feed Trade Association.


Brokers specialized in soybean meal, rapeseed meal and sunflower meal, R&S Commodities has been active in its sector since 1992 but their teams have been working on this market for longer.

Sigma courtage

SIGMA COURTAGE is a private firm in agricultural raw materials, specialized in conventional and organic milling wheat (Other products worked: wheat, barley, corn, peas)

It operates on the French market on the following destinations:
-Milling Grand Ouest
-Maritime facades
-Manufacturers in Brittany, Pays de Loire, Poitou Charente


V&V COMMODITIES is a grain and pea brokerage firm.

The firm has a strong background in international commodity trading and/or purchasing of raw materials in the feed industry. Their objective is to assist their clients with the import, marketing and purchase of cereals for the industry, millers and starch producers. They operate mainly in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. The raw materials processed come from various Eastern European countries. The firm also brokers molasses in the Netherlands. With their experience and their personal touch, they will be of great help in your working relationships


Subministradora de Cereals is a brokerage company created in 1995 and based in the region of Barcelona in Spain.

Specialized in agricultural commodities, this broker is active locally in Spain but also in Europe.


Vanden Avenne Commodities is a family-owned company active in several sectors of the agro-industry, including the supply of raw materials for the food, feed and biofuel sectors.

Vanden Avenne keeps a constant watch on the markets and advises its customers on personalized and adapted purchasing strategies in consultation with them. The company is also involved in the storage and transshipment of agricultural raw materials and in the production of biofuels.


Trade Union is a physical brokerage company specialized in malting and feed barley. It has been accompanying industries (maltsters), cooperatives, private and international traders on the whole European market for several years.

It has the will to ensure a modern brokerage and adapted to our time.


Appro Courtage is a company dedicated to the negotiation of co-products, meals and dehydrated products (dry products) destined to the animal feed industry. Whether you are a feed manufacturer, trader, cooperative, industrialist or trader, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be there to meet your needs! The company is established in France, Benelux and neighbouring countries.


Manuel Prado is a brokerage company, based in Salamanca (Spain).

They focus on the intermediation of the purchase and sale of grain and agricultural raw materials. Their targets are mainly cooperatives, warehouses, grain traders, feed mills and flour mills throughout the Iberian Peninsula.


Purchase and sale of cereals, raw materials for the manufacture of animal feed, flours and by-products of the agri-food industries.


Senior agribusiness technician, with more than 18 years of experience in the grain market.

Born in a family of agricultural producers located in the main agricultural production area of Argentina. He began his career at the Rosario Stock Exchange, preparing market reports for broadcasting in different modalities, including television.

In recent years and at present, he works as a broker and trader of cereals in a reputable company in the city of Rosario. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Centro de Corredores de Cereales de Rosario.


SILOA COURTAGE is a company providing services to industries, mashers, traders and collectors on commodities markets.

Active on the markets of SOYBEAN MEAL, DEHYDRATED and CO-PRODUCTS for animal feed in FRANCE and in northern Europe, the company will be by your side to negotiate and follow-up your contracts with professionalism and efficiency.


T.S.L. (Trading Services London) was established in 1981 and is now one of the leading palm oil brokers in Europe. Our head office is located in Headcorn, just south of Maidstone in Kent, England. We also have an office in Malaysia and an associate office in the USA. We are also an affiliate member of the Sustainable Palm Oil Roundtable.