The development teams are also at the center of the group. Three teams lead by Product Owners and Team Leaders based on the agile method. They play the role of orchestra conductor and act as a link with the business, the project and maintenance. 

Each developer brings skills and technical knowledge that allow Grainbow to have always more reliable and innovative solutions. In a competitive spirit, it is not uncommon for them to challenge each other. At each sprint, a scrum master and a firefighter are designated, allowing them to diversify their missions while developing a real team spirit.

The development teams also include an R&D department to bring more innovation and creativity to our solutions, one of our core values. The quality team ensures that the product evolves in the right direction as well. 

Often self-appointed organizers of so-called “no-rigging” sports bets, they are strong in their proposals. Against all expectations, you won’t find any StarWars figurines on the desks, but you might come across a display rack with vintage Legos?