Executive Board

The management of Grainbow is 4 people at the head of the group for 4 years. Four different and complementary people. 

Ronan, President of the group, manages all the technical teams (development & support). He started working as a trainee within the group. He chose IT development as his main department. Alternant in a company of 4 employees, became employee, team manager, PO, technical director and then President of the group since 2018. He was able to bring a horizontal management by listening to the teams. Self-made man for who consideration is essential.

Guillaume, General Manager of Grainbow, a true Swiss Army knife of the board of directors, joined the group some twenty years ago as a sales manager. He has always had great ambitions for the group. Over the last 20 years, few functions have escaped his attention: communication, design, consulting, development, legal, sales and of course sales. Today he manages the sales and communication teams. Trust in his teams is essential to him, he shows consideration and likes to give motivated people a chance. 

Jean Yves, Project Director, preceded the other members of the Board of Directors by joining the group as a student in 1999. He has been a developer, product owner, team leader and project manager for 10 years. He knows all of the group’s solutions perfectly, which allows him to manage his multi-product project team. He is a real support to his team and knows how to listen to them and provide them with expertise on a daily basis while acting as an intermediary with the other teams..

Jean Manuel, Administrative and Financial Director, joined the group about ten years ago. Initially an accountant, he was soon assigned to the function of Administrative and Financial Director. He manages the ADV/Accounting team of the group. He ensures that the various administrative and financial tasks of his teams run smoothly on a daily basis. .